Alumni Testimonial – Millie

My name is Millie Askew, I’m an RN BSN. I graduated in 2016 from CSI. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I have eight siblings so I grew up in a big family and I was always trying to mother and take care of kids. We had a lot of animals and I loved to doctor them up and so to me it’s just always been something that I’ve wanted to do. I feel that nursing has a lot of career paths and would be a good option for me. CU I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to land and where I wanted to live but nursing would give me the opportunity to pretty much choose wherever I wanted to go I like the affordability of CSI and the flexibility of um the schedules that they offered they offered some later classes and some online during nursing school I um struggled as a single parent I was able to qualify for some scholarships through the CSI Foundation uh that helped me a lot helped me um decide what I wanted to choose to use the money on at one point I needed new tires on my car so sometimes just buying a grocery card um uh spring break of 2015 my brother passed away um but the foundation stepped up and knowing that I had missed work and miss school and had a lot of um pressure to finish school and keep my grades up someone that was a member of the foundation made sure that I had some scholarship money and some more money to keep on going and keep my grades up and not have to worry about my bills donating to the foundation is really important cuz the money is put back into the community and put to good use and so I feel very strongly about um the donations that go there and I’m very appreciative cuz I know that’s what helped me get through nursing school during such a hard time November of 2021 I started Gem State INF fusion with my business partner um Michael Hunt and we decided to start a vitamin infusion company I did make the final decision to quit the hospital um just short of 16 years and give Gem State infusion my complete 100% attention and we’ve been really successful since.