Mini Grant Application and Guidelines



Application Deadline: Friday, October 14, 2022, for projects occurring January 1st - June 1st, 2023.

Submit the application to:

Download Application (PDF)
  1. The CSI Foundation mini-grants are awarded to faculty, staff, and administration
    for new, innovative projects that aren’t able to be financially supported by the
    College. Projects should demonstrate:
    a. Support of the student learning process;
    b. Alignment with the CSI Strategic Plan;
    c. Alignment with the CSI Strategic Enrollment Management Plan;
  2. Projects that directly impact high numbers of students or illustrate support of
    Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) efforts will receive priority.
  3. No project will receive funding for more than two consecutive years.
  4. Grants typically range from $250 to $3,000. The maximum award for each mini-grant is $3,000.
  5. Grant money is not available for student scholarships as there are already
    Foundation scholarship programs are in place.
  6. CSI travel policies and procedures must be used for student travel fund requests.
    The Foundation will reimburse the college for approved travel expenditures.
    Travel expenses may not exceed 15% of the funding request
  7. No grant monies are available for staff and faculty salaries.
    a. If requesting a student stipend, please contact the Business Office to
    determine the amount needed to be included in the proposed budget to
    pay for benefits for your individual employee classification.
    b. The Foundation will not be responsible for any expenses that exceed the
    amount approved.
  8. Grant monies will be available in early January and must be used by June 1 (to
    ensure invoices are processed before fiscal year-end) of the same year. No grant
    dollars will be carried forward and all unused funds will be reclaimed by the
    Foundation at the end of the grant period.
  9. Grant funds may be used for supplies, equipment, consultants, technical
    assistance, registration fees, travel, lodging, and CSI-hosted special event
  10. Applications will be vetted by CSI Administrative Cabinet prior to review and
    ranking by the Foundation Board Scholarship & Grants Committee.
  11. Mini-grant recipients must present a thank you letter to the Foundation’s Board of
    Directors upon completion of the grant period. Failure to do this may result in
    the refusal of future allocations.
    Application Deadline: Friday, October 14, 2022, for projects occurring January 1-
    June 1, 2023. Submit the application to: