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Endowing a Fund at CSI

Knowledge is power. Education allows individuals to develop important life skills, find better-paying jobs, and eventually give back to their local communities. Idaho continually has one of the lowest per-pupil spending rates in the nation, and financial struggles remain the biggest barrier blocking Idahoans from pursuing higher education.

Without access to additional resources, higher education will remain inaccessible for students in Idaho.

Annual Funds

An annual scholarship is funded on a yearly basis or can be a one-time scholarship. These funds are cash accounts that are distributed annually until the fund balance is zero.

How to Establish a Scholarship

A gift use agreement with the CSI Foundation formally established the name fund with the Foundation. Once the agreement is established, the Financial Aid Office will share information about your scholarship with the student body. Eligible students will have the opportunity to apply for your scholarship through our centralized application process.
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Scholarship Greatest Needs


New Hope Scholarship

The scholarship provides support to first-generation college students with a 2.5+ GPA. Over 45% of degree-seeking students attending CSI are the first in their families to attend college.

Emergency Hardship Scholarship

The scholarship provides assistance to students experiencing extenuating circumstances that might prevent them from continuing their studies at CSI

Childcare Scholarship

The scholarship provides assistance to student-parents who have children (infant to pre-K) enrolled in a state-licensed childcare facility.

Employee Excellence

This fund recognizes employees who meet the highest standards of academic excellence in instruction, leadership, or scholarship.

Faculty Development

The fund provides support for faculty to participate in professional development in alignment with best practices.

Student Development Fund

Encourages student participation in research opportunities supported by a faculty member.
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Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarships & Funds

There are two types of scholarships at the College of Southern Idaho Foundation:

  • Annual Scholarship/Donor Restricted
    • No minimum amount for an annual scholarship. The scholarship can be funded on a yearly basis or can be a one-time scholarship.
  • Endowed Scholarship
    • A minimum of $10,000 to establish an endowed scholarship. Scholarships are awarded based upon 5% of the 3-year moving average of the market value as of December 31 of each year. New endowments must be a part of the consolidated investment pool for at least 18 months prior to making a distribution. The donor can make an additional annual scholarship donation during the 18-month time period.