College of Southern Idaho Radiologic Technology Program Students Establish Endowment



Thursday, June 27, 2024

Twin Falls, Idaho – The College of Southern Idaho (CSI) Foundation proudly announces the establishment of the Radiologic Technology Program Endowment Scholarship. The scholarship aims to support students, enrolled in the CSI Radiologic Technology Program, who are commuting to participate in their clinical education. This endowment is particularly noteworthy as it marks the first time a program endowment has been established by the students enrolled in the program.

The Radiologic Technology classes of 2024 and 2025 have worked collaboratively with the CSI Foundation on fundraising efforts to establish this fund. Students in the program organized and promoted fundraisers in conjunction with National Radiologic Technologist week, that takes place annually during the first week of November. Program participants elected to utilize the fundraised proceeds to create the program endowment and “pay it forward” to future classes. Program Director, Tamara Janak, shared, “I am so excited to have this endowment in place so we can grow it to support our students.”

Karrie Van Noy, Assistant Director of the CSI Foundation, expressed appreciation for the program’s foresight to create an endowment for future students. “It is truly impressive that the creation of this endowment was student driven, this endowment represents the initiative of our amazing students and their instructors.”

The Radiologic Technology Program shared, “With Idaho’s fast-growing population, the demand for healthcare workers is on the rise more than ever before. In the medical imaging field, there are about 2,260 workers for the entire state of Idaho. With 1.9 million residents, this means each radiologic technician cares for 840 people.” Students in the Radiologic Technology program want to join this field to help the population of Idaho receive the healthcare they need and deserve.

Future students accepted in the Radiologic Technology Program can apply for this scholarship through the CSI General Scholarship Application.


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Erika Allen, Executive Director, CSI Foundation, 208-732-6245,



About the Radiologic Technology Program: Registered Technologists (RTs) produce diagnostic quality radiographs of parts of the human body for use by physicians in diagnosing their patient’s health care problem. RTs follow physician orders precisely using a variety of imaging equipment and they conform to regulations concerning the use of radiation in the protection of their patients, themselves, and coworkers.

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